Our story is your adventure

Our mission is to offer unforgettable experiences that let you explore phenomenal places and create lasting memories where variety and adventure are at the heart of your journey.

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The business of crafting unforgettable experiences

Canvas reimagines yacht chartering with responsiveness, real communication, and tailored advice that ensures you’re embarking on an adventure that’s all yours. We refine every detail to your pace and taste, creating a journey that can rival the price of luxury resorts or test the limits of extravagance.

It all started with a vision at sea

The idea for Canvas was sparked when our founder, Doug, purchased his first catamaran after Hurricane Irma. He was part of the rebuild process in the Virgin Islands and began chartering to boost their economy. Without being part of that work, he would have never seen the charter experience from the side of the customer and the owner.

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our founder, Doug Tibbs

Our founder, Doug Tibbs

When Doug first began chartering yachts as an owner (rather than a customer) he realized that understanding your clients, educating them, and truly listening were the keys to bringing people on the vacation of their dreams. Once-in-a-lifetime vacations became his passion, and he’s been building them ever since.

Today, Doug has had the honor of building trust with over 200 crews, and has served more than 1,750 people.

What matters to Canvas


Understanding a client only happens through real conversation and being real people.


Crafting a dream vacation means taking note of everything that matters—big and small.


Hiding costs isn’t something we ever do. The more open and honest we can be, the better.


Sharing the passion we have for seeing the world is something we want clients to feel firsthand.


Taking the time to teach clients about features and destinations makes all the difference.


Removing the work from planning is the first step to making any adventure even better.

What people are saying

“Canvas Yacht Charters and Doug are a pleasure to work with. Doug’s follow-up skills are remarkable and attention to detail are bar none. I very rarely leave reviews, but I can, without a doubt, recommend Canvas and Doug to everyone I know. Thanks again D!”

Danny Marder on Google

“We recently celebrated our 25th anniversary with three other couples, our dearest friends, on a week-long sailing charter. The trip was arranged by Doug Tibbs at Canvas Yacht Charters, and his assistance was invaluable every step of the way. He listened to our dreams for the trip, the things we were really hoping for and things we wanted to avoid, non-negotiates and crazy ideas, and he filtered them all to present us with several charter options, any one of which would have been wonderful, but we ended up on Ghost. Doug’s attention didn’t stop with the booking. He made sure we were kept aware of various important deadlines, including changes related to covid, connected us with the crew and conveyed to them all our preferences, and was available throughout to answer our big and small questions. This was truly the trip of a lifetime for every one of us onboard—the boat, the crew, the sailing, the food, the adventure. So many thanks to Doug for his care to make it everything we dreamed it could be—and we are already hoping to plan a repeat trip for next year!”

“It’s not often that I end up leaving a review for a service I didn’t end up booking, but the super customer service I received from Heather at Starrluxe definitely merits noting. From the first step in the process, she was helpful, professional, and extremely accommodating despite a difficult itinerary and an expedited time frame. She provided excellent options and went out of her way to address our every requirement. I deeply regret that our travel plans changed and we weren’t able to finalize our charter, but I greatly look forward to working with Starrluxe again in the future. Highly recommend!”

Cynthia St. Aubin on Facebook

“Enjoyed working with Doug. He was attentive to our needs/desires. Got us a great boat with a great crew. He even got us a price reduction. I will look forward to working with him again.”

Georgegreendeck on Google

“Doug and his team helped us book a trip in two days for the following week. Great communications and expectation setting, which helped make the trip successful. We will recommend them to family and friends for their trips.
-Cheers, John”

John Fretz on Google

Now boarding for your dream vacation

Turn the yachting adventure you’ve dreamed of into reality. We’ll handle every detail for you, ensuring every moment is everything you imagined.