How Yacht Charters Are Priced

Yacht charters vary in price, but they can be similar in cost to a standard cruise. Let’s explore the factors that influence the cost of a custom-tailored voyage and some price ranges you can expect.

Comparing yacht charter prices

The following prices are in USD estimates. Industry pricing is based on 8 days and 7 nights, but every vessel is different and accommodations can be made. As you can see, there’s a wide range 
to consider.

Why pricing can vary

Type of vessel

Different types of vessels require different costs to run.

Length of charter

The number of days and nights influences cost.

Provisioning costs

This refers to the meals, drinks, and service.

Number of guests

Some vessels charge less if you have fewer guests.

Location & season

Different locations and times have different costs.

Additional amenities

The amenities you choose to include are up to you.

sailing yacht from above

Types of vessels

Yacht options can range from a romantic sailboat to a mega power yacht. The cost of the boat is affected by size, type (power or sail), and style. Just like cars, the more luxurious yachts are more expensive.

Length of charter

Pricing in the industry is based on an 8-day/7-night standard, but you can charter a yacht for a shorter or longer stay. Shorter stays are less expensive, and longer ones are more.

Contact us and we’ll calculate how the length of your stay will affect pricing.

tables in the rear of a yacht in tropical water

Provisioning and guests

On a yacht, “provisions” refers to any of the items you’d like to request the vessel have onboard for you. This could include specific things for breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks, or dinner ideas.

Inclusive charters
The cost for crew services, meals, and most fees are included.

  • $11k/week–$200k/week
  • More guests raise the overall price

APA charters
Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA) charters charge separately for fuel, food, etc.

  • $35k/week–$1.3m/week
  • Guest count doesn’t affect price

Cruising destinations and seasons

The same type of vessel might be more expensive to charter depending on where in the world it is. The US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands offer the best value, but we’ll help you find the perfect vessel whether price is a concern or not.

Every destination also has a charter season with higher pricing. Booking in the off-season (or hurricane season) may reveal amazing options.

  • Caribbean charter season is mid August–mid October.
  • New England charter season is mid June–October 1st.
  • Alaska, Washington, and San Juan Islands are year-round.
  • Mediterranean charter season is May–October, but the peak of the season is July–August.
parents relaxing on the beach while a child plays in the water
a yacht surrounded by floats, paddle boards, kayaks, and a dinghy

Water toys

Depending on the vessel, charter yachts have a range of water toys to enjoy like snorkel gear, jet skis, inflatable unicorn floaties, and underwater scooters. Unlike commercial yacht charters, water toys are typically included in the cost of a private charter.

Scuba diving
The one activity private yachts generally have a separate fee for is scuba diving. Yachts offering scuba diving may have a per-dive fee, equipment rental fee, or even a certification fee.

Other costs to remember

Crew gratuity
At minimum, your crew will be dedicated to you, 24/7, for five days. Awarding crew gratuity is customary, but not included in any other fees. The customary rate is 20%–25% and it’s paid directly by you to the captain on the last day of the charter.

Fees and permits
Fees like rate exchanges, park fees, fishing permits, internet access, and mooring charges will vary by charter and destination. When you book with us, we’ll make sure these are factored into your budget.

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