Your crew is the key to your restful vacation. Gourmet chef, diving instructor, island guide, storyteller, maid, and captain. When you are sleeping, they are cleaning and prepping for the next day. Then you wake up to coffee and breakfast. They typically work 24/7 and are busy NOT to look very busy, as they don’t want to spoil your precious vacation. Then most likely they have 24 hours from when they drop you off your charter and start the next one. They are true professionals. Customary Caribbean is a minimum 15-20% (of total charter cost) on top of your charter rate. Mediterranean is 5-15%. A letter handed to the Captain at the end of the charter with a personal note and the gratuity is more than welcome and appreciated. The gratuity is split evenly amongst the crew members. NOTE: taking the crew out for dinner or buying them a drink, while a nice gesture, should not be considered part of their tip.