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Preference Sheets—Your Key to an Awesome Charter

Snorkeling among fish near a Caribbean reef

A crewed charter yacht vacation is one of the most personalized vacations you can have. Every single bite, beverage, activity, destination, service, and detail is customized just for you.

The catch? You have to let the crew know what you like.

How? With your preference sheet—it’s the key to unlocking the most amazing charter yacht experience before you even step aboard.

What is a Preference Sheet, and What is it For?

Every yacht and crew will have a preference sheet you’ll be required to complete. Yes, I know…a questionnaire doesn’t sound glamorous! But it is vital.

What’s on it?

First, you’ll fill in the basics of personal and travel details, like where and when you’ll arrive. It will also cover essentials like medical conditions or allergies. The crew may also want to know if someone in your party isn’t a good swimmer.

Then you’ll get to the fun ‘design-your-experience’ kind of questions

There will be a lot about what you’ll want to eat. You’ll have a checklist on specific foods you like or don’t like, but they will also want to learn how you like to dine. For example, do you prefer three larger meals, or do you like to snack throughout the day? Do you prefer savory or sweet breakfast? Do you enjoy salads with your dinners? Are you up for trying new cuisines?

Be ultra-specific when answering—soy milk or whole? Not a fan of cilantro? Let your crew know.

While many charter destinations, particularly those in more remote islands, may not have all your favorite brands. Your detailed answers will help the crew make the best selections and whip up the most mouth-watering gourmet meals for you.

More Than Just Your Favorite Foods

Beyond designing menus, the preference sheet may ask what type of service you want from the crew—a more formal service and privacy or do you welcome a more casual, fun interaction with the crew. This helps create the tone and personal attention that matches your expectations before you even arrive.

Your charter crew will also use your preference sheet to design the itineraries and onboard activities for you. There will be questions about what you are interested in. Are you more interested in swimming with sea turtles or massages on the beach? Or both!

They’ll likely want to know how you’d like to spend the evenings—quietly watching the moon rise over the bay with a bottle of wine or a lively night ashore.

Perfection is in the Details

You might be asked if you are celebrating a special occasion—a birthday, for example—so they can have everything on board for how you want to celebrate. Let your crew know if there’s a family tradition that you’d like to continue on the water. Let them make it sensational.

Tip: Take the time to fill in the open-ended question sections with what your shore-side hobbies and interests are. Do you like birding? Are you an aviation fan? It may seem unrelated, but charter crews are brilliant at crafting bespoke experiences.

The more thoughtfully you complete the charter yacht’s preference sheet, the better they can WOW you with the vacation of a lifetime.

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