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So You Want a Private Yacht Like Below Deck?

below deck

The cost of a crewed charter on a luxury yacht, like those featured on the reality TV show “Below Deck,” can vary widely based on several factors. Below are some key considerations that can affect the price:

Yacht Size and Type: The size and type of yacht you choose will have a significant impact on the cost. Larger and more luxurious yachts typically come with higher daily or weekly charter rates.

Season: Charter rates often fluctuate based on the time of year. The high season, which is usually during the summer months in popular charter destinations, tends to be more expensive. The low season, which may coincide with hurricane season in some regions, can be more affordable.

Destination: The location of your charter can also influence the price. Some regions, like the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, are known for their high demand and, consequently, higher charter rates.

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Duration: Charter rates are typically quoted on a weekly basis. However, you can often find shorter-term charters, like 3 or 4 days, which are proportionally less expensive than a full week.

Yacht Amenities and Crew: Luxury yachts come with various amenities, such as water toys, jacuzzis, onboard chefs, and more. The more extensive the amenities and the larger the crew (including additional staff like a chef or stewardess), the higher the cost.

Additional Costs: Be prepared for additional costs, such as fuel, food and beverages, gratuities for the crew, and any special requests or excursions. These expenses can add up significantly.

Special Events: If you plan to charter a yacht for a special event, like a wedding or corporate retreat, expect to pay premium rates.

To provide a rough estimate, crewed yacht charters on luxury yachts featured on shows like “Below Deck” can range from around $80,000 to well over $150,000 per week, depending on the factors mentioned above. It’s crucial to carefully review the charter agreement to understand what is included in the base rate and what additional costs you may incur.

Keep in mind that some yachts may offer all-inclusive packages that cover most expenses, including crew salaries, food, and drinks, while others may charge for these items separately. Always request a detailed breakdown of costs and services included in your charter agreement and work closely with a reputable charter broker to ensure you get the best value for your budget.

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