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Explore the Natural Beauty of the Exumas by Private Yacht Charter

Aerial View of the Exumas

The clear waters of the Exumas are simply unmatched—ebbing and flowing with every shade of aqua, teal, and sapphire.

Panoramic views and the unspoiled natural beauty make the Exumas one of the most desirable destinations to charter a yacht. Not just in the Bahamas but worldwide.

Mile after Nautical Mile of Enticing Islands

This unblemished island chain stretches for 120 miles. Only a handful of the 360 Cays (islands) are inhabited—leaving the Exumas perfectly pristine.

These little cays are off the beaten path— they’re less traveled than their northern Bahamian sisters, the Abacos. But they are 100% worth the extra few miles!

Superb Sailing All-Around

Once here, the sailing is sensational.

The narrow archipelago lends an opportunity to sail on either side. To the East, the deeper Exuma sound boasts incredible fishing for Mahi-Mahi and Tuna. To the West, the shallower Exuma Bank provides sheltered sailing and stunning water colors as you weave between the beach-strewn cays.

Discover Extraordinary Anchorages

Most anchorages are only a few hours sail apart, allowing you plenty of time to soak up and explore each exquisite destination.

Your charter boat will bring you to secluded anchorages where you can find deserted white-sand beaches that stretch for miles—not a footprint to be seen but your own.

You’ll find quaint and colorful Bahamian villages speckled between the untouched landscapes and privately-owned islands. A pleasant stroll around ‘town’ will leave you feeling whole-heartedly welcome. Perhaps you’ll come across a bakery selling the famous fresh Bahama bread. (Don’t pass it up if you do.

Plenty to Fall in Love With

Other anchorages, like Staniel Cay, are home to the beloved swimming pigs and famed Thunderball Grotto.

Normans Cay has a shallow water plane wreck right in the anchorage. It’s a fun snorkel. (Though the expansive beaches and sandbars on Norman’s West coast are the real stunners.)

Or, Lee Stocking Island has beautiful coral heads to explore.

Every anchorage or Cay has something to fall in love with. Find your favorite.

Brilliantly White Beaches

The sand, throughout all the Exumas, is white—brilliantly white—and powdery soft. It extends from the wide beaches and beyond for miles under the clear waters. The sun reflects off it, illuminating the warm, shallow waters.

Its brilliance can be seen from space.

At night, under the moonlight, you can still see the starfish below the water’s surface.

This is the magic of the Exumas. Its striking beauty is not duplicated anywhere else in the world.

Dip Below Exuma’s Surface

While the colors of the water are beautiful and enticing to sail upon, beneath the surface awaits another exotic world filled with colorful fish and majestic coral formations.

The incredible visibility and shallow water make it easy for everyone to experience what is usually only afforded to SCUBA divers. Here you just need your snorkel and fins.

The Exumas is home to one of the world’s most protected and successful marine sanctuaries in the world, the 176-square-mile Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. Dive into some of the most vibrant sea life environments to be found right from your mooring.



Charter in the Exumas—experience the most beautiful islands of the Bahamas. No words or pictures can truly capture the splendor of being here for yourself.

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