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Best Beaches to Visit in The U.S. Virgin Islands During Your Yacht Vacation

There’s an exotic, tropical beauty about all the U.S. Virgin Island beaches—so how do you choose the best beach? Each has its own flavor, so pick your mood, grab your suit, and just go. Here are our favorites and why.

Maho Bay Beach (St. John)

Ideal for: soaking up stunning scenery above and below the surface

Stroll the long, white-sand beach in this unspoiled emerald and aqua bay. Or dip beneath the surface where more treasures await. Snorkel the seagrass beds and swim with sea turtles and rays. Or explore the shallow reefs on either side for a kaleidoscope of tiny tropical fish.

Honeymoon Beach (St. John)

Ideal for: playing in and on the water while sipping on tropical drinks

Honeymoon Beach is as picturesque as it sounds. Sitting just outside the Virgin Islands National Park and tucked between two coral outcrops, the soft-sand beach offers ALL the beach-friendly activities. Pick up an all-inclusive day pass from the watersports shack to kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling. Or, simply sip the day away with tropical drinks from the beach bar.

Brewers Bay Beach (St. Thomas)

Ideal for: finding some shade and swimming with sea turtles

For a local, laid-back flavor, make your way to Brewers Bay Beach. You’ll find a deep, shady beach that overlooks a tranquil turquoise bay filled with cruising sailboats from all over the world. There are no colorful beach bars here, but occasionally food trucks pull up and attract a line of hungry beachgoers. Plus, if you are looking for sea turtle encounters, this beach offers one of your best chances.

Magen’s Bay Beach (St. Thomas)

Ideal for: taking really-really long beach walks and beautiful blue waters

This award-winning beach has earned its way into the ‘Top 10 Beaches in the World’ list. With its mile-long, white-sand beach and calm, stunning blue waters, it’s a favorite with locals and visitors too. For a panoramic view, find your way up to Drake’s Seat (yes, as in the pirate Sir Francis Drake’s lookout). It’s the island’s best overlook.

Lindquist Beach (St. Thomas)

Ideal for: packing the picnic basket and exploring on the water’s edge

Lying within the 21-acre Smith Bay Park, Lindquist Beach is a quiet treat. The powder-sand beach runs into shallow, rocky tide pools, making exploring onshore or underwater delightful. This is a serene beach with no restaurants, beach bars, or rentals. But lifeguards, picnic tables, and bathrooms make this an ideal beach for a picnic.

Trunk Bay Beach (St. John)

Ideal for: capturing all the islands’ beauty in one shot

The secret is out on this beach—you can’t call an undiscovered gem. But there is a reason for it being the most photogenic beach on the island. The Caribbean-blue water, the lush tropical hills, and pristine white sand keep it photographers and Instagram-lovers paradise. It also offers up everything you’d want in a day-dream-perfect beach day.

Explore ALL the best beaches in the U.S. Virgin Islands aboard your own charter yacht.

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