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Experience the Timeless Romance of Adventure by Honeymooning on a Yacht

Design your ultimate tropical honeymoon getaway.

Stay on your own yacht and soak up all the togetherness time you want while island hopping from one idyllic location to the next.

For the perfect blend of freedom and privacy, it is hard to beat a honeymoon escape on a fully crewed charter yacht.

Whether your fairytale honeymoon is filled with visions of secluded beaches and pristine nature preserves or strolling through vibrant villages with enticing boutiques and discovering local artists, a charter vacation can be made to fit you perfectly.

But there are a lot of components that come together to create this extraordinarily romantic getaway. So, let’s dive in and take a closer look at what your ideal honeymoon could look like.

We’ll explore destinations, yacht and crew choices, activities, itineraries, planning, and pricing.

We’ll even look at less-traditional honeymoon plans that may include family and friends.

-Romantic Destinations With Panoramic Tropical Views-

Charter yachts are available for almost every sea around the globe. But some of the most stunning, safe, and easy to access from a logistical and financial point of view are in the warm, clear waters that extend from the Florida Keys to the southernmost islands in the Caribbean.

Because of their unsurpassed beauty and access, we focus on yachts that sail in these tranquil waters. Each location, each island has its own flavor—some more cosmopolitan, some more laid-back and chill.

-Itineraries That Can Ebb And Flow Like The Tides-

While a chartered yacht honeymoon may be comparable in price to a bustling cruise ship vacation, it cannot compare to the custom experience that your own yacht can provide.

Regardless of your primary destination choice, you’ll also have the freedom to select where you spend your time and what types of activities you’d like to do together.

Most of the islands in the Bahamas and Caribbean are close together, just short jumps between. You’ll almost always be able to see the next island you are going to.

Even moving from one anchorage to the next can transport you entirely to a different experience. For example, in the Exumas, you can enjoy the festivities of Staniel Cay—the swimming piggies, the famous Thunderball Grotto, and a plate of conch fritters at the yacht club. Then, move one anchorage over for complete privacy and long stretches of pristine beaches for the evening.

Swaying in a hammock in Cruz Bay or hiking up Seven Sisters Waterfall, you will choose how you want to share your days together. And how you want your nights to start—private sunset views for just you or Salsa dancing on the moonlit sand.

-A Suite of Activities to Choose From-

Just like you can choose where you’ll be sailing, you have full control over the activities you want to enjoy. And you set your own time frames.

To help you envision the possibilities, here are just a few ways to spend your first few days as a married couple together:

  • Paddleboarding over the colorful reef fish and coral outcrops in the cove
  • Snorkeling with sea turtles or rays
  • Diving famous wrecks like the RMS Rhone
  • Beachcombing in search of treasured mementos of your honeymoon
  • Dining at the most exclusive restaurants and indulging in fresh seafood and flavors

Many couples have questions about what they need to bring for watersports activities. Most boats will have snorkeling equipment. If you already have a mask that fits well, bring it along.

Scuba diving is usually not included in the price of the charter but is easily arranged. If you want to do some diving, discuss it with your charter consultant and captain to make the best arrangements.

-What Size Yacht For Your Honeymoon?-

Every size and type of yacht is available for your romantic escape. The three most common types of yachts are:

Monohull sailboats—tend to have more traditional boat interiors and a cozy atmosphere. This may be your dream boat for those who want to experience the thrill of sailing or cuddling snugly in the cockpit, drinking your coffee as the sun rises.

Catamaran Sailboats—tend to have wide, stable surfaces and panoramic views from both inside and outside. The private staterooms allow everyone to have their own intimate hideaway. Under sail, they are comfortable and stay relatively flat. They are ideal for multiple couples or families.

Power Yachts (monohulls or catamarans)—tend to have more living space and more features of your home (like more power and larger appliances). They can travel much faster, so they are perfect if you want to see lots of different places during your vacation but minimize travel time.

-Full-time Captains, Crews, or Chefs Onboard-

A chartered yacht’s most uniquely luxurious honeymoon experience is the full-time professional crew that is there to delight you, pamper you, and make your getaway exquisite.

The crew will take care of the boat’s details for you.

You’ll enjoy gourmet meals from breakfast to dessert that were specially curated based on your preferences.

Before your cruise, you’ll fill out a preference sheet. Your crew will use it to design your menu, grocery shop your favorite brands, and stock the boat with your favorite beverages.

The captain will handle the sailing if you want to just lounge on the trampoline or give you lessons on how to sail, so you can share the sailing experience together even after your honeymoon ends.

-Some Honeymoons Are For New Families-

Sometimes it’s not just two individuals uniting but a new family coming together.

A chartered yacht honeymoon provides a perfect solution for including the entire family in the celebration and allowing the private, relaxing getaway you desire.

The exclusive use of your own yacht allows everyone to come together and have time to bond and have all the activities that will bring lifetime memories for everyone.

Kids are welcome on charter yachts.

And there are plenty of activities to keep them busy—swimming, snorkeling, fishing, paddle boarding, shore excursions, learning to sail…

Yet, even with the whole family aboard, most charter yachts are designed with privacy in mind. There are private staterooms and deck space to find your own little romantic moments.

What extra things should you consider if you are planning a new-family honeymoon that includes younger children?

  • Consider bringing a life jacket that fits your children well, and they are used to wearing
  • Bring dive masks and fins that are just their size
  • If there are any must-have snacks, ask the crew ahead of time if it is available on-island or needs to be brought
  • Bring favorite toys and activities

You can check out our packing guidelines for everything else you need to bring.

-How to Plan for The Most Romantic Honeymoon-

Your honeymoon on a chartered yacht can be almost anything you imagine.

You can select a romantic package that already has an itinerary and crew that is specifically tailored to pampering just the two of you.

Or you can work with a charter broker with experience in arranging honeymoons. Canvas Yacht Charters will start with discovering what your ideal honeymoon looks like for you and collect details like your dates and where you want to go. Then will use your preferences to research all the options and present only the best ones to you.

Because if it’s your honeymoon, you probably also are overwhelmed with all the details of a wedding. The right advisor can uncomplicate everything and smoothly guide you through booking the most tailored honeymoon on the water and keeping to your budget.

-How much Does a Honeymoon on a Yacht Cost?-

A weeklong honeymoon in the Caribbean on a yacht with a captain and professional crew can be as affordable as a cruise on a cruise ship.

The fastest way to get a solid number is to use the Yacht Finder tool to select your dates and dream location and start exploring the available boats. Explore prices and pictures, too.

Or you can start working with a charter specialist today and let them use their expertise to do all the research and match you with the best-fit options.

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