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Kids + Yacht Charter = Boredom?

Kids snorkeling in the crystal bluw waters of the Caribbean

One of the most common and justifiable concerns expressed to us is whether kids on charters get bored. It easy for adults to sit back, relax and enjoy the surroundings that a yacht vacation offers. However, as we all know, kids generally need stimulation and activity.

Have no fear, chartered yacht vacations, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, are among the safest and exhilarating vacations you can offer your family.

There are so many entertainment options on a chartered yacht vacation that it may be hard to fit them all into a single trip. The primary beauty of a vacation like this is that the parents are not distracted with the day to day responsibilities of being parents. The crew takes care of all the planning, meal preparation, activity preparation and cleanup, etc. This liberates parents to enjoy all the activities with their children, which is what children thirst for, and what you strive for…making family memories.

-Things to Consider-

With that, there are some considerations when selecting a yacht for your family vacation. First is the type of vessel. We would strongly recommend considering a catamaran. These are traditionally a sailing vessel; however, power catamarans are becoming more available. Rest assured that even the sailing catamarans at this level have engines, so you do not need to fret about getting around if the winds are not cooperating known as tide over.

These catamaran yachts are more stable on the water and therefore provide a safer, more comfortable ride under sail than a traditional monohull. This is important when young children are moving about on the yacht. The catamarans also provide more room for the family to space out, which is important with both active young children and older teens who appreciate having their own space. Power yachts also provide stability and room, but are more expensive and are more limited in island destinations.

An additional benefit of the catamarans is the infamous trampoline. Now, this is not a traditional trampoline but a taught net at the bow of the yacht that provides an amazing amusement park-like ride for all on board. While underway, the trampoline provides smooth but dynamic ups and downs with cooling seawater splashes under the hot sun. With music playing, this will create a joyous memory.

-Checking With The Crew-

When selecting a yacht, it is also important to ensure the crew is family-friendly and enjoys entertaining children of all ages. While it is not the crew’s responsibility to watch over your children, it is part of their job to provide entertainment. This includes snorkeling adventures, island exploring, fishing, swimming. Some crews will even let kids assist in the galley during meal prep, help steer the vessel, give navigating lessons, educate on types of fish seen while snorkeling and island history. The crew will also have knowledge on tourist attractions, if desired, and best times to visit to avoid the large crowds. You can anchor in a private bay with a private beach where the kids can explore the island and play on the sand. Many yachts offer stand up paddleboards, kayaks, and even waterskiing. At night, the crew can recommend popular nightlife spots. Some crews will provide nighttime entertainment on the yacht. The options are endless. Additionally, if you are celebrating a special event, the crew will be sure to make it a momentous one.

-New Adventures, Rain or Shine-

Every day the crew will provide a different environment, different cove, island, beach, snorkeling reef. Whatever you desire. You will not be limited by the same resort options every day. Children feed on the constant change in environment and the undivided attention of their engaged parents. New life experiences such as seeing a sea turtle free in the ocean, sea rays gliding in the water, dolphins playing with each other, will ignite compassion and awareness about the importance of ocean preservation and climate control. These experiences are what engrave memories. These moments can make an impactful impression on the young minds or our future decision-makers.

The crew shines on rainy or less cooperative weather days. Most yachts have a movie library and a selection of board and card games. Wi-Fi is often available when near shore for streaming and external correspondence. This may also be an ideal time to sit back and enjoy a book or visit the islands for shopping and indoor activities.

Rest assured, by the end of your trip you will have so many happy family memories, you will be itching to book your next trip. Your children will have broadened their wings and been exposed to the valuable ocean and treasures within. This was accomplished without waiting in lines, fighting crowds, making reservations, or adhering to a time schedule. All will have enjoyed your family yacht charter vacation.

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