Get Ready to Set Sail: 8 Caribbean Islands You Can Only Reach by Boat

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Picture this: a romantic catamaran, the wind in your sails as you cruise through crystal-clear waters in search of an undiscovered paradise. If that sounds like the kind of vacation you’ve been dreaming of, then you’ll love these 8 amazing islands in the Caribbean that can only be reached by sailboat. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or an adventure-filled escape, these island gems have something for everyone.

Salt Cay, Turks & Caicos – This tiny island is home to just 85 people, making it the perfect destination for those who want peace and quiet. On Salt Cay, you can enjoy some truly extraordinary snorkeling experiences and even spot some humpback whales between January and March. The island also has plenty of great seafood restaurants where you can sample local delicacies like conch fritters and conch chowder.

Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands – With its stunning white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and laid-back atmosphere, Jost Van Dyke is a paradise that’s perfect for couples or families alike. You can go hiking through the lush jungle or lie on one of the many secluded beaches here — after all, there’s no better way to relax than by taking in some breathtaking views while soaking up some sun!

Norman Island, British Virgin Islands – Another island in the British Virgin Islands chain worth mentioning is Norman Island — an idyllic spot with plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy as well as some great nightlife options! Snorkelers will find plenty to explore on this island thanks to its coral reef system teeming with marine life like sea turtles and colorful fish. When night falls, head over to Pirates Bight Bar for drinks under the stars or take part in one of their infamous treasure hunts!

Anegada Island, British Virgin Islands – Anegada Island (also known as “The Drowned Island”) is located just north of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands chain. As its nickname suggests, this small island is composed mostly of reefs and shallow lagoons — making it ideal for experienced sailors looking for an adventure off-the-beaten-path! You can spend your days exploring its many coves and bays or take part in a variety of water sports such as kiteboarding or kayaking. And don’t forget to try some of the famous lobster dishes at one of Anegada’s many beachside restaurants during your stay!

Culebra Island, Puerto Rico – an unspoiled paradise off Puerto Rico’s east coast which offers snorkelers easy access to some amazing coral reefs and shipwrecks from centuries ago! The waters around Culebra are also teeming with tropical fish species like angelfish and parrotfish so make sure you bring your underwater camera along for some stunning shots! When you’re done exploring undersea life, check out Flamenco Beach — rated one of America’s best beaches by National Geographic magazine!

Salt Island, British Virgin Islands – Just south of Anegada lies Salt Island—a small but beautiful patch of land surrounded by turquoise waters and dotted with white sand beaches. Couples will find plenty to explore here, from coral reefs perfect for snorkeling to trails leading up to breathtaking views from atop the island’s highest point. There are also ruins left over from centuries past, when Salt Island was used as part of the lucrative salt trade throughout the region.

Port Royal Island, Jamaica – This tiny island packs quite a punch when it comes to romance! With its lush jungles filled with exotic birdsong and hidden waterfalls just begging to be explored; hidden coves perfect for swimming; offshore coral reefs ideal for snorkeling; plus plenty of local restaurants serving up some classic Jamaican cuisine—Port Royal Island is sure to leave couples feeling relaxed yet energized at the same time!

Petite Martinique, Grenada – This tranquil little gem located off Grenada’s northern coast offers couples unparalleled beauty and tranquility surrounded by stunning vistas overlooking crystal clear waters teeming with marine life below – all accessible only by boat! Its rolling hills are perfect for hikes or horseback rides along deserted beaches where couples will find themselves surrounded only by nature’s beauty—the ideal spot for soaking up some much needed alone time together!

Sailboats are often seen as romantic vessels meant only for couples on a romantic getaway — but they can also be used as vessels for exploration if that’s something more your style! The Caribbean has so much more to offer than just your typical tourist hot spots; there are several islands out there that can only be reached by sailboat which make them even more special. From Salt Cay in Turks & Caicos to Culebra Island in Puerto Rico — these islands provide something entirely unique compared to other destinations around the world! So why not set sail now? Your next amazing adventure awaits you among these tropical paradises!