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Fun Rainy Day Activities Onboard a Yacht Vacation

Worried that a drizzly, gray day could wash out your charter vacation?

Of course, you’re wishing for sunshine and sunscreen, not downpours! Yet, still, rain is a possibility.

Thankfully, the crew are experts at curating your dream charter vacation—which means they are well prepared to navigate around a rain shower or two.

Charter Crews are Extraordinarily Good Rainy-Day Experts

Every charter yacht and crew will design different rainy-day activities but, here are a few ideas of what you might expect…

Spice it up: The first mate may invite you into the galley for a personal cooking lesson. Nothing goes hand-in-hand like rain and comfort food. Fill the boat with the scent of fresh-baked coconut bread or learn a new fresh-catch recipe. Lessons from a pro can be priceless.

Not inclined to pick up a whisk? Maybe you’d rather learn a few new cocktail recipes that will bring a tropical flair to your next land-based party.

Turn up the volume: To keep things lively, your crew may host a karaoke night or bust out some old-school, family-favorite board games. Hours can slip by as friendly competition leads to repeated cheers for ‘just one more.’

True, card games might not be an original choice, but they are a classic for a reason. So many good memories are made around a game table.

Creative play: Being on the water inspires creativity. (Even if you aren’t artsy) Explore that creative side with photography or watercolor lessons.

Splash away: As long as it’s not a thunderstorm, the crew may invite you to play in the rain. We are never too old to jump in the puddles, right? Enjoy the reprieve from the sun, grab the fishing poles in hopes of being the hero at dinner time. Or take a walk. A warm drizzle can clear the beaches—meaning you’ll have all the seashells and sea glass treasures to yourself.

Flexible Itineraries Make the Most of the Weather (Good or Gray)

Your captain will continuously monitor the weather. If an inclement day is expected, they can make plans to choose an anchorage that will allow for a day ashore for exploring local boutiques, restaurants, art galleries, or museums.

Tip: Thoughtfully complete your pre-cruise preference sheet to let your crew know what your interests are. They are there to tailor the experience to you.

Relax to the Sound of Raindrops

Of course, maybe you’d prefer to embrace a little downtime?

Settle into the soothing sound of rain on the deck and crack open that best-seller you’ve been dying to dive into. Then, relax and let the crew treat you with snacks and beverages. Or, twist it up, and open up that pretty, new journal and finally pen the first chapter of your novel.

The moral of the story?

Sometimes it rains in paradise—that’s what keeps it lush and tropical down here. Thankfully it’s usually just a passing shower. Either way, your crew will be prepared with plenty of sunshine AND rainy-day activities for you aboard your yacht charter vacation.

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