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What Exactly Is a Bareboat Charter Rental?

bareboat charter

If you’re thinking about chartering a yacht or catamaran for a vacation, there are several decisions you can make to customize your trip to your liking. One of these decisions involves whether or not to charter a boat with a full crew. Bareboat charter rentals are optional, and for some vacationers, they provide just the right amount of fun and excitement. What is a bareboat charter rental, and who should consider it?

Definition of Bareboat Charter

According to the International Risk Management Institute (IRMI), a bareboat charter occurs when the owner of the vessel rents the boat to the charterer without the provision of crew or supplies. In this situation, the charterer assumes complete responsibility for the vessel during the rental or charter period. In layman’s terms, when you opt for a bareboat charter, you are responsible for operating the vessel safely and returning it in the same condition in a timely manner. Most companies offering such charters will require you to provide proof of certification or previous boating experience.  

By comparison, a standard charter includes all the crew, food and drink, entertainment, and more that make your vacation a success. Standard charters may include everything from the captain or skipper to a private chef, a massage professional, entertainers, storytellers, and more. 

Who Should Consider a Bareboat Charter?

A bareboat charter is best for individuals who are well-versed in navigating the type of vessel being chartered. It provides you with more freedom and flexibility since you can choose the vessel that best suits your needs, whether you prefer a traditional sailing yacht or a large powered yacht. Some vessels can comfortably accommodate as many as 20 guests, while others are best suited for couples or small groups. These charters are also ideal for individuals who sail as a hobby, but who do not own personal vessels. Because the charterer assumes liability for the vessel, it is a favorable agreement for both the charterer and the vessel owner. 

On the other hand, if you are not familiar with navigating a yacht or catamaran, or if you have very little experience, a bareboat charter may not be the best choice for you. While fun and excitement are important for any getaway, your safety (and the safety of your passengers) should always be your priority. If you like the idea of a crewless vessel, but you are not able to sail and navigate on your own, it is possible to charter a vessel with only the captain or skipper. This way, you can create your own experience while ensuring everyone’s safety. 

Whether you’re planning a beautiful wedding at sea or you are looking for an exciting company outing that your employees won’t soon forget, a yacht charter is a fantastic choice. Experienced captains can consider a barebones charter while a traditional charter is ideal for everyone – even those who have never been on a yacht. 

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