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Family Vacation: A Crewed Yacht Charter with WiFi Onboard

Man using his laptop aboard a private yacht charter

Take advantage of WiFi onboard your crewed yacht and keep up with the speed of business and remote schooling while in the Caribbean with your family. These times won’t last forever, take advantage of the opportunity to be together while you still can.

Wifi onboard, really?

Yes! It’s actually the second most asked question we receive. A vast majority of the yachts do provide WiFi service onboard and in the Caribbean, the coverage is quite good. While there are certainly areas without a signal, the captains know exactly where to go for the strongest signals and thus they can ensure that you are in the right place at the right time. Additionally, you can use your smartphone to create a WiFi hotspot if you have that service plan. AT&T in particular is excellent in the Caribbean.

Family bonding.

The very nature of a crewed yacht charter vacation is to bring people closer together. With most of us working or schooling remotely these days, you no longer have to schedule a vacation only during school breaks. This is a unique time in our lives to enjoy the freedom of an open calendar all while strengthening your family bond.

Imagine sitting on the deck of the yacht next to your kids while they do their homework. You both decide to jump into the warm Caribbean water for a quick swim before starting the next assignment or joining a conference call. Afterward, you are under sail to the next cove where the afternoon is full of snorkeling, paddle boarding and dinner on the beach. Pure happiness.

Mentally, we all need a break. A crewed yacht charter vacation allows for that break to happen but doesn’t jeopardize your work or the kids’ schooling. Strengthen your family bond as the experiences we make now will impact us forever.

If you are ready to plan your family vacation or simply want to learn more, let’s chat.

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