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Planning a Yacht Trip? Ask These Questions First

planning yacht trip

Yacht trips are luxurious and exciting, but not every trip is equal. If you’re planning to rent or charter a yacht, there are a few things you should ask the company before you book. From child-friendly options to special dietary requirements, these are the most important questions to ask.

Do You Cater to Food Allergies?

If you or someone in your group has a food allergy, it’s important to charter a yacht with a company that will cater to these needs. Private chefs are one of the most exciting and luxurious parts of any yacht trip, and it’s important that your chef can avoid gluten, tree nuts, dairy, or any other allergen or sensitivity as necessary. Furthermore, you should hire a company that is willing to cater to your group or family preferences rather than asking you to stick to their menu. Asking these questions well in advance can help you avoid unwanted surprises at mealtime. 

Can I Bring Children?

Yacht trips can vary a great deal. Some charters are family-friendly, and they even encourage you to bring your children along. Others cater more to an adult crowd with a focus on nightlife. If you can bring your children, make sure to ask these questions, too:

  • Is childcare provided onboard or can I bring my childcare provider along with me?
  • What kind of child-friendly entertainment is available?
  • Are there family-friendly itineraries for the individual islands and destinations?
  • What kinds of things should I bring for my children? Can I bring toys, electronics, etc?

Do We Have to Stick to the Itinerary?

Many chartered yacht trips feature exciting itineraries packed with things to do, but it’s important to figure out what happens if you want to deviate from the original plan. For example, if you are scheduled to go onshore in The Bahamas in the morning, but you want to spend an extra day on the boat, is that possible? If you prefer to go diving a day early and push fishing back, is that an option? Can you spend an extra few hours on an island you love? Ideally, you should find a charter company that offers you unparalleled freedom to make your vacation your own. 

How Much Privacy Can I Expect?

Privacy is important on any yacht trip, whether it’s a romantic getaway or a family vacation. Being out on the open water affords unique privacy away from the city and noise, but you might find yourself wondering just how private a full-crew yacht can be. Some of the best questions to ask include:

  • Can we ask to not be disturbed inside our private cabin?
  • Will we have access to remote islands away from other people?
  • Can we avoid the common tourist traps?

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with tourism-centric areas, some vacationers just want to get (and stay) away from it all. Ask these questions before you book and you’ll know exactly what to expect. 

From food allergies to privacy, and from child-friendly activities to deviations from the itinerary, it’s important to book a yacht trip that allows you to be yourself. Make sure you get the experience that best suits the needs of your group or family by asking these important questions well in advance. 

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