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Host Your Best-Yet Company Retreat on a Private Charter Yacht

Whether you are an entrepreneur leading a mastermind retreat that needs to stand out from the competition…

…or heading up a corporation and looking for ways to reward (and retain) your hard-working team, crewed yacht charters check all the boxes.

Because if we’ve learned nothing in the past years, it’s that you can get powerful work done in pretty amazing places.

And… we’ve also learned that nothing replaces in-person team building and bonding.

What about doing both for your business from a private yacht?

Let’s explore what a crewed charter yacht retreat could look like for your team….

-Idyllic Backdrops for Your Retreats-

First, with so many beautiful destinations to choose from—like the not-too-far-away Florida Keys or the heart-of-the-tropics Virgin Islands—you can find the perfect fit for you and your team.

Each cruising destination has its own flavor.

Some destinations, like the Exumas, in the Bahamas, are all about the clear, shallow waters and white sand, whereas the Virgin Islands can be a real reward for the divers in your party. Whereas Grenada evokes the senses with its colorful history, baskets of aromatic spices, and cool tropical waterfalls.

All have great sailing opportunities.

By chartering your own yacht, you’ll be able to customize your itineraries to fit your retreat goals.

If this is a celebration and a reward for your hardest we-made-it-happen members, you can choose an itinerary that focuses on their favorite activities–ashore and the water.

But if your main goal is to come together as a team and find inspiration in paradise so you can make game-changing moves next quarter, you can choose an itinerary that allows for a balance between deep focus time, team-building activities, and general recharge of the brain time.

-Distraction-free Workspaces and Locations-

If you’re hosting your mastermind or are bringing your team together to explore new perspectives, it’s hard to beat a yacht. Tuck up and drop anchor in a sheltered bay for the day and have one of the most distraction-free sessions possible.

You’ll have catered gourmet meals, refreshing scenery, and a vibrant environment to think within. And when your brain needs a recharge, nothing works better than a long beach walk or a dip in the sea.

What about an internet connection for when you don’t want to be too distraction-free?

Yes, wifi and cellular services are available in almost all cruising destinations. However, if a robust or critically reliable connection is a necessity, discuss this during the charter selection process. Some choices may be better suited than others.

The Canvas Yacht Charter advisors can help you select the best options considering your unique needs.

-Work and Play for Everyone-

It is especially important to note if there is a work component to the trip, there are plenty of ways for your team to recharge and refill their creative batteries the way they do that best. Whether it is the need for a little alone time or they are perked up by meeting new people.

Or maybe this isn’t about work at all—but simply a luxurious reward. Chartering a yacht allows you to accommodate the desires of all your guests—and their guests, too!  From swaying in hammocks to zooming around on jet skis, from exploring old sugar plantation ruins to checking out the colorful boutiques—options for satisfying everyone are easy.

Unlike on a multi-passenger cruise ship, you have control over your itinerary and can focus on what type of activities are most interesting to you. (Check out sample itineraries here.)

-Safe and Comfortable-

As we transition into our post-pandemic world, we, at minimum, emerge with a new appreciation of how quickly situations can change. A private yacht buffers you and your party from many fluctuations in environments and regulations beyond your control.

You reduce the risks to you and your team by minimizing large crowds and unavoidable public places with large cruise ships and heavily-trafficked hotels so everyone can relax comfortably.

-Professional Captain and Crew-

Crewed yacht charters come with a licensed captain and crew to handle all the navigation, sailing, and boating-related equipment. Unless, of course, you want to participate in sailing. Then, certainly, you can grab the helm and trim the sails. If you’re new to sailing, the captain is there to provide one-on-one lessons.

However,  you or your group do not need to have sailing experience.

Besides safely operating the yacht, the crew is there to make every touchpoint of your charter the ultimate luxury experience.

They will prepare gourmet meals, mix signature drinks, and arrange the activities onboard the boat, like paddleboarding off the stern, snorkeling the local reefs, or arranging a fishing trip.

The crew’s services are customized and based on a preference sheet that you (and your group) will complete before your charter so they can make a tailor-fit experience for everyone.

-What Does It Cost to host Our Team Onboard?-

Businesses have budgets and accounting managers to satisfy, so let’s dive in with details.

How much does a business retreat on a chartered yacht cost?

The answer,  like most things in life… depends. Several factors will influence prices. Here are the primary players that you have control over:

  • What type of boat are you chartering? A monohull sailboat, sailing catamaran, power catamaran, power yacht, or a luxury mega-yacht?
  • What size boat? You can charter boats from 35’ to over 135 feet.
  • How many people are on board? Some charters charge by boat, others per person.
  • What location are you choosing? The cost of charters varies from destination to destination.
  • What season is your charter/Is it a holiday? Pricing can dramatically fluctuate depending on the cruising season or if you charter during the main holidays (the summer season usually has lower pricing in the Caribbean)

But what is the ballpark figure?

A private yacht charter of a sailing catamaran is comparable to a similar-length cruise ship vacation.

Because of the inclusive nature of the travel, meals, accommodations, and activities, a private charter is a high-value yet very budget-friendly option for work-related gatherings.

-How to Start Planning And Get Prices Today-

Need to see REAL pricing for REAL charters right now?

You can select destinations, view gallery images of the yachts available for your dates, and get immediate pricing through Canvas Yacht Charter’s Yacht Finder.

Or, you can talk with a Canvas Yacht Charter Specialist, discuss your business’s and group’s needs, and they will research the perfect-fit options for you. Then, they will present the best of those to you and help you understand the differences so your retreat will be a success.

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